"The terra firma Consultancy worked alongside Prism Agriculture on a project that demanded careful balancing of landscape and agricultural considerations within the sensitive Surrey Hills AONB. Tom provided a very proactive service with great attention to detail. His timely and efficient communication helped the team achieve appropriate design solutions for a potentially challenging planning application and we would be delighted to work with him again should the opportunity arise."

"Tom added valuable insight into the planning officer’s perspective."

"Prism Ag did a great job assisting us to obtain prior approval for three Class Q residential barn conversions and one prior approval Class R barn conversion to Use Class A1 on a former Council owned dairy farm in South Yorkshire, we were pleased with the results"

"Tom, very well done regarding Wintersett… first class approach throughout.."

"I first met Tom in January 2017 to assist with some Rural Planning matters at my farm, Tom is very professional and takes pride in his work, although there are processes in place in order to achieve the results I wanted, which I often never fully understood, Tom's skillset at problem solving, creating a strategy and sticking to it is what sets him apart from the rest, Prism Ag has added value to the main farmhouse by removing the restrictive Agricultural Occupancy Condition (AOC) / Ag Tie, won planning appeals for agricultural diversifications and obtained prior appoval for a Class Q barn conversion scheme at my site. I will continue to use Prism Ag for all my rural planning matters and have connected Tom to other contacts locally."

"Tom has demystified the farming process for us. We have much to learn about planting / treating / grazing / planning our land, and Tom has shown us a credible & coherent way forward. He has been very responsive to our requests both over email and in person. I can’t recommend him highly enough."