Prism Ag works with our clients who would like to establish new Heritage Orchards as a diversification or on spare or under utilised land areas.

Horticultural Development

Prism Ag works with our clients who would like to establish new Heritage Orchards on spare or under utilised land areas, whether for domestic or commercial fruit production, ranging from eating, cooking, juicing varieties to cider production.

With a strong UK Government push to reduce carbon footprints and emissions, and to plant 3 billion trees by 2050 - now is as good a time as any to achieve this. Did you know that 150 mature fruit trees absorb as much Co2 as 1 family car driving 26,500 miles a year!!

Perhaps you are a large corporate client/university based in an urban environment who would like to reduce your Carbon Footprint, but do not have the land available? How about purchasing & donating trees to schools or other facilities.

We have developed a professional relationship with the UK’s leading nursery grower, 'Grow at Brogdale', where some 4,000 rare and heritage fruit tree varieties are hand grafted from The National Fruit Collection, grown on and supplied bare rooted or potted.

Depending on your soil type and the height of trees you require, the 'Grow at Brogdale' will graft to order:

  • Apple rootstocks - M27 (1.5–2m), M9 (2-3m), M26 (3-3.5m), MM106 (4-5.5m) or M25 (7.5-9m)
  • Pear rootstocks – QC (2-2.5m), QA (2-3m) or PYC (7.5-9m)
  • Cherry rootstocks – G5 (3m) or COLT (6m)
  • Plums and Gages – PIXY (3-4m) or St Julian A (4.5-5m)
  • Apricots, Peaches and Nectarines - St Julian A (4.5-5m)
  • Nut Trees, Quince trees, Soft Fruit Bushes and Medlars are also available.

If you are interested in planning or planting a Heritage Orchard from a few trees to a full commercial orchard for eating, cooking, juicing or cider production. It all starts with a Soil Test.


Prism Ag also provides rural planning related agricultural justification statements to clients in the edible horticultural sector to clients nationwide for:

  • new horticultural developments
  • polytunnels
  • agricultural/horticultural machinery buildings
  • agricultural cold stores
  • traditional apple stores