Success! Full Planning & Listed Building Consent granted in Wakefield Conservation Area

Success! Full Planning & Listed Building Consent granted in Wakefield Conservation Area

Prism Ag was successful in gaining Full Planning Approval & Listed Building Consent for amendments to a first floor flat within and to the immediate rear of a Grade 2 Listed building on St Johns Square, Wakefield, which is also a Conservation Area.

A significant crack discovered between modern new masonry and historic handmade bricks was identified within the structure during internal works to remove internal modern additions and renew and replace, which was also to make safe, the wiring and plumbing of the flat. The crack was identified between what would have been a former hay loft above a stable, located to the rear courtyard of the main building.

Prism Ag engaged early with Wakefield Council's conservation team, prior to submitting applications, as it became apparent that scaffolding was needed to enable a Structural Engineer to inspect further and design a bracing method to make the outbuilding/first floor bedroom area safe, and within the scope of what the conservation team would allow. It was identified that the sheer weight of the barnstone roof tiles, some 5+ tonnes, on a relatively small double hipped roof, with broken or deteriorated purlins was to blame.

The mitigation methods were to add heritage style structural bracing, designed by the Structural Engineer and fabricated by a local Blacksmith, purlin clamps were also designed so the existing timbers remained and were glued and clamped permanently in position. The roof works comprised of replacing the barnstone tiles with a lighter weight slate with the inclusion of two conservation rooflights within the hipped roof planes to allow natural light into the rear of the building, which had previously been very dark during daylight hours.

All building and roofing works were completed to an exceptionally high standard by Walker Group Builders on behalf of the client.