Business Collaboration

Business Collaboration

Prism Agriculture's 'Business Collaboration' strategy is about having an ability to think ‘outside the box’ whilst ‘inside the box’ at the same time, enabling Tom to be presented with a concept, and information about that project, effectively dismantle it in his mind, identify any perceived problems in minute detail very quickly and then visually reassemble it again.

To define this in more detail, he has a swathe of natural abilities which are not representative of his neurotypical peers, he thinks differently, and due to this, he inevitably sees your project from a different non-bias perspective.

Prism Agriculture Ltd is run by Tom Warren BSc (Hons). Tom is regularly instructed by clients and business associates to contribute to their existing or potential project concepts.

Some typical traits that may assist your project are:

  • Visual Thinking – An ability to think in pictures.
  • Attention to Detail and spotting mistakes faster than others.
  • Problem Solving – beyond that of a neurotypical person.
  • Thought Processing – An ability to think ‘Inside’ and ‘Outside’ the box at the same time.
  • Strategy Planning – Creating innovative ‘outside the box’ proposals.
  • Research and Knowledge Transfer.
  • Honesty and Integrity – A straightforward approach

Some of the projects that Tom has been asked to research, collaborate on and/or problem solve are:

  • Designing a new scheme for a Forestry unit with one replacement building and one new building in the sensitive Surrey Hills AONB.
  • Problem solving agricultural tracks in sensitive areas where aggregates aren't suitable for visual impact.
  • Community Infrastructure and Social Investment opportunities.
  • Designing a new agricultural unit within the sensitive Surrey Hills AONB, whilst minimising Visual Impact.
  • Environmental: Composting, Bio Char and Use of Surplus Woodland Products.
  • Identification of potential new sites for a Floating Homes project.
  • Problem Solving for a Manufacturer of Air Source/Water Source Heat Pumps.
  • Temporary measures for flood defence concepts.
  • End user interface testing of a government rural payments application system.

If you have a project or an idea, that is in its advanced stages that you think could benefit from Tom’s impartial advice or you wish to collaborate and require expertise from Tom’s network of specialists.

Consultancy services are offered in the strictest of confidence. Please get in touch via the Make an Enquiry tab.