Orchard & Apple Store

Orchard & Apple Store

Prism Ag has been successful in assisting a client’s Town Planning Consultant to gain Prior Approval for a new traditional style staddle barn to support a small commercial Orchard on a greenfield site in the borough of Waverley, Surrey.

Prism Ag was approached by the client in May 2017 following a local recommendation to provide both agricultural consultancy and rural planning advice for the erection of a traditional style timber-framed and clad Apple Store as part of a forthcoming Orchard planting (May 2018).

Prism Ag attended a site visit with the client to collect all the necessary information required to produce an Agricultural Justification Statement to support the application building, which will be sited amongst some 400 hand-grafted rare and heritage fruit trees.

The small Apple Store will measure 3.6m x 3.6m and remain in-keeping with traditional Surrey buildings sited around its curtilage. The small store will be ventilated to prevent fruit spoil and raised on staddle stones to prevent vermin. The traditional fruit store has been approved with a ridge height of 3m as it will be located within 3km of an active aerodrome. A subsequent full planning application was submitted to increase the ridge height of the structure beyond 3m.

Soil Sampling

During the site visit, Prism Ag also collected soil samples from the proposed orchard field to test the soil pH, as well as available P (Phosphorus), K (Potassium) and Mg (Magnesium). PA arranged for the soil samples to be tested by a fully independent UKAS Accredited laboratory to the internationally recognised standard for competence – ISO/IEC 17025.

Upon receipt of a comprehensive analysis from the Laboratory with further recommendations for the application of both Lime and fertiliser referenced against RB209 8th Edition, it allowed Prism Agriculture to liaise directly on the clients’ behalf with the nursery supplier to pick suitable varieties to suit the soil type and an independent agronomist to arrange direct small batch supply of the required P, K and Mg nutrients.


Prism Ag also instructed an independent agronomist and agricultural contractors on the client’ behalf for land preparation, application of nutrients and to supply and apply agricultural lime to balance the soil pH on the Wealden clay.

Prism Ag worked closely with the client and their traditional Architect: Stuart Martin, Godalming based, Planit Consulting, bespoke joinery specialist: Mandeville Joinery, the nursery grower and the agricultural contractors at each stage of the project to soil test, evaluate, plan and prepare the site ready for spring planting in May 2018.

Drawing Credits: Stuart Martin Architects / Planit Consulting