Prism Ag becomes a Registered Stockist of 100% Permeable Ecogrid Products

Prism Ag becomes a Registered Stockist of 100% Permeable Ecogrid Products

EcoGrid Is The World’s No. 1 Product For Agricultural, Equestrian & Track Surfacing

EcoGrid is used in a wide variety of agricultural, equestrian, rural, urban, suburban and domestic applications to provide mud management, grass reinforcement and free draining solutions.

The large tyres associated with tractors and farm equipment means you need a really high lateral loading capacity from a grid system. The E50 and A50 grids system fortunately can easily cope with these loadings and the finished result will be a free draining practical surface that will last for years to come, ideal for:

  • Gate entrance areas
  • Feeding areas
  • Around field drinking troughs
  • Driveways
  • Stables
  • Farm Track Surfacing
  • Trackways (ideally suited to the New Zealand dairy system trackways in the UK)
  • Wash down areas
  • Pathways
  • Grass roofs
  • Driveways

A drainage layer is laid, the depth of which corresponds to the type of traffic which will access the surface. This is generally classed as type3 reduced fines. This means 20mm stone mixed with smaller stones to create a firm foundation but the difference between this and type 2 is that the ‘dust’ content is removed which makes the sub-base as permeable as possible. It is also possible to use clean 10-20mm stone. Often a plate test is carried out to ascertain the type of surface to be excavated. This means a plate which can be 250-500mm round or square is placed on the ground and a load is placed on the plate (often a simple tyre jack and a vehicle) The depth that the plate sinks will show the type of ground conditions and the corresponding depth of sub-base. This is often classed as the CBR (California bearing rate), in layman’s terms it means the firmness of the soil to be excavated.

Its ability to provide a complete riding surface for every equestrian discipline, specially designed to suit your needs and local conditions, consisting of the ground stabilising system EcoGrid and Equestrian tread layer.

Take advantage of the benefits of a proven riding surface. We deliver the range directly to site and then advise upon suitable sand and aggregate mixes. A complete, quality, premium and easy-care riding surface with an unbeatable price to performance ratio.

An EcoGrid equestrian solution effectively separates the sub-base from the footing layer, providing the following benefits:

  • Savings in excavation & sub base material which can in many cases be completed with a minimal drainage layer.
  • Longer riding seasons & allowing riding in conditions which would not be possible without EcoGrid.
  • Prevention of sub-base mixing with footing and migration of footing, saving need for topping up.
  • Elastic nature of the grid provides an improved riding surface giving comfort for rider and easier on horse’s joints.
  • Safety to horse and rider due to patented locking system of the grids.
  • Quick and easy harrowing down to the grids for professional maintenance.
  • Millions of square metres installed worldwide with 20 year quality guarantee.

EcoGrid’s Equestrian Surfacing can be implemented in a wide variety of ways, such as:

  • 1. Outdoor riding arenas for every discipline
  • 2. Indoor riding arenas for every discipline
  • 3. Automatic walkers
  • 4. Watering areas and work areas
  • 5. Courtyards and loading areas
  • 6. Green roofs and parking reinforcement of all types, gravel or vegetated
  • 7. Stalls
  • 8. Paddocks and water troughs
  • 9. Turnouts, Feeders and Pastures

Please get in touch with Prism Agriculture Ltd on 0800 135 7450 or 'Make an Enquiry' via the website if you would like a quote or have a project in mind as there are different specifications of the Ecogrid / Ecoraster products for different end uses.